Dance For Peace Festival is back to Bali

The tragic Bali bombing of 8 November, 2002 was a very traumatic experience for everyone on the island. 202 people were killed that day and more than 200 others were injured. It was devastating. However the tragedy left many in Bali wanting to create something better for the people on the island. And so Dance For Peace Festival was born.

After 3 weeks of mourning and prayers, the organizers worked tirelessly to make the festival happen and bring peace and joy back to the people. The Dance For Peace Festival successfully gathered over 200 people to the little island of Nusa Lembongan.  The people danced to proclaim their desire for peace and, for most there, it signaled the beginning of a healing within themselves. All who shared in that experience speak that it was one of the best parties ever to be had on the island.